SHARE-CTD members met in Munich, at IBE, for a second face-to-face meeting to prepare several topics


The meeting, in person and via web, was scheduled as a lunch-to-lunch meeting. During Day 1 (17th of June) ideas were collected as building stones for the following three SHARE-CTD training activities: Propaedeutic meeting, first schooling event and first datathon. On day 2 (18th of June), the idea puzzle came together to form a broader picture: a concept to provide our Doctoral Candidates clear and focused learning objectives along the line of Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyse, Evaluate, Create. The meeting was moderated by Brigitte Strahwald (LMU), an expert in medical education. We are ready for the next steps: to prepare the propaedeutic course in September and to welcome our Doctoral Candidates!

Day 1


Day 2


SHARE-CTD at 8th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) in Athens

On June 5, 2024, SHARE-CTD was well represented at the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity in Athens: Prof. Ulrich Mansmann (LMU) delivered a talk during a symposium chaired by Prof. Florian Naudet (UNIVREN). In this 90-minute session. The symposium discussed several key topics:

  1. The policies and incentives for clinical trial data sharing (Maximilian Siebert);
  2. COPE’s position on data sharing and reproducibility (Daniel Kulp);
  3. Data sharing in Africa (Nchangwi Syntia Munung);
  4. A comprehensive data sharing training initiative (Ulrich Mansmann).

First schooling event in January 2025 in Reisensburg

Led by Prof. Dr. Leonhard Held (University of Zurich) the first Share-CTD schooling event will take place at Wissenschaftszentrum Schloss Reisensburg from 27th to 31st of January 2025.

Kick-off meeting and propaedeutic in September 2024 in Munich

The Kick-off-meeting will take place in Munich from 09.09. to 13.09.2024 with the Partners, doctoral candidates and guest speakers. The complete program will be announced in time.

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