First SHARE-CTD meeting in person on 15th and 16th of February 2024 in Paris



SHARE-CTD members met in Paris for a first face-to-face meeting, after many virtual meetings to prepare the project.

During the two days (February 15 and 16, 2024), we were able to meet on the premises of the French Ministry of Research in the Quartier Latin. We used the time to get a very detailed overview of the planned project activities, to discuss their interlinkages and how our project can benefit from the interaction with ongoing activities of other groups (IRISE, OSIRIS, TIER2). We also met with Christine Kubiac to discuss the role of ECRIN in our project. It was important to run through curricular scenarios in order to bring the planned research work, the concepts to be taught and the active work on data into an effective and synergistic relationship. Most importantly, we did prepare for the active selection phase for the applications received. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Bruno Falissard, a member of our scientific advisory board, for his first contact with us. Special thanks to Florian for organizing this intensive and focused meeting with the support of the Institut Universitaire de France.


Under supervision of Prof. Mansmann (LMU) and Prof. Naudet (UNIVREN), the first SHARE-CTD lunch to lunch meeting will take place in Paris at the French Ministry of Research from 15th to 16th of February 2024. The preliminary programme includes the following aspects:

  • Point of view and expectations of each PI regarding the project
  • Organization and common deliverables of the six work packages
  • Recruitment of PhD candidates
  • Overview of all events like schooling events and hackathons
  • Ideas for the propaedeutic event in September 2024 in Munich, Germany
  • All PIs are invited to join the meeting. As part of the meeting there is the option to meet with Partners (e.g. LORIER, ECRIN) and/ or possibly advisory board members.